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February 23, 2022

First Batch of Millions of OTC Antigen Rapid Tests delivered to the U.S

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The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) Ltd., arranges the sale of iHealth’s COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests
to its U.S client.

Over the past month, MSCS has been working closely with iHealth Labs Inc., to deliver COVID-19 Rapid test to its clientele. Due to the large shortage, home tests have been a scarce item, with only a few brands available for import with FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).


Last week MSCS and iHealth Labs Inc., delivered ahead of schedule the first 2 million tests of a 10 million order, and are on track to deliver the remaining tests within the next month.


"MSCS is delighted with the first results of its collaboration with iHealth. iHealth delivered impeccable product quality ahead of schedule to the satisfaction of our client" Marco Illy – President. 


As iHealth’s production capacity increases more tests are made available, and MSCS has been working intimately with their clients, to fulfill their urgent needs bridging many differences in culture, banking, risk, incoterms, and language to bring home a mutually beneficial solution to all parties.


Rapid Tests arrive at Fort Worth, Texas

In addition to current production ramp-ups, other manufacturers await for home tests to be approved by the FDA. Clients are waiting on standby for manufacturers to be approved and are ready to place orders. As more production capacity is made available, MSCS expects this shortage to end and more tests should be made available in the U.S by the end of March.

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