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Working in collaboration with our established authorized distributors and several manufacturers in Asia and Europe, MSCS is delivering Medical Equipment in scale, sourced by manufacturers with more than 25 years of experience. Additionally, MSCS offers a full medical procurement setup by sourcing products needed to operate a fully functional healthcare facility. With a team of experts, MSCS is able to advise and control the supply and set up from start to end. In partnership with the largest logistics company in China, Sinotrans, we are able to deliver a large variety of equipment to any destination requested.

ICU Ventilator Invasive

This ICU Ventilator has exemplary performance in an operation room, ICU department and for emergency treatment. It is used to assist or replace spontaneous breathing for adult pediatric and neonatal more than 2kg. The manufacturer has 25 years’ experience in Market-Oriented ventilators, making them experts and reliable, satisfying all your needs in ventilation.


• 15” TFT screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information, and oscillograms.

• Multiple ventilation modes to meet different clinical requirements. (IPPV, A/C,



• 3 oscillograms, 2 of them can be displayed on screen simultaneously.

• Humidifier can heat wet breathing gas, making it comfortable for the patients


• Rapid oxygen supply, automatically offers high flow rate within 2 minutes.

• High temperature resistance breathing circuit is reusable and anti-pollution.


• 14 types of sound and visual alarm information

• Built-in oxygen concentration sensor

• Easy to move with four casters, easy to stop with 2 brakes.

• Separate design for electronic circuit and gas flow rate.

• Compact long life internal battery.

• Self-check before operation

ICU Ventilator Invasive & Non-Invasive

This ventilator can be used in ICU and intra-hospital transport suitable for children and adults. With advanced turbine controlling technology, the ventilator can be used as both invasive and non-invasive therapy. A comprehensive functionality designed to be user friendly, offering high-quality, reliable respiratory support for patients.


• Built-in low noise turbine

• Detachable 12” Color TFT LCD touch screen.

• Leakage compensating flow more than 60L/min.

• Automatic tube compensation.

• Metal exhalation valve.

• Built-in flow sensor


• Non-Invasive Ventilation Modes: NIV/CPAP, NIV-T, NIV-S/T


• Trolley with integrated AC outlets for Ventilator and Humidifiers.

• 72 hour graphical trends

• ETCO2 measuring

• Nurse call

• Lifetime: over 30,000 hours

Oxygen Concentrators

5L and 10L Oxygen Concentrator and Nebulization uses CECA molecular sieve to stabilize oxygen production. With a cumulative timer function, the total working time can be seen at a glance. With timing shutdown function and overheat protection function to ensure the safety of the whole machine.


• Weight: 17.5 Kg

• Physical dimension: 300mm x 260mm x 520mm

• Average Power: 350 VA

• Noise: ≤60db (A)

• Oxygen Pressure: 30-60 kpa

• Oxygen flow: 5L / min

• Oxygen Concentration: ≥90% (V/V)


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