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Medical Supplies

The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) is dedicated to the delivery of medical supplies in general and currently protective equipment. MSCS offers high-quality medical products, rapidly and in scale to healthcare facilities, governments, and organizations worldwide. 

Through its alliances with its partners, MSCS has unrestricted access to meet client's manufacturing needs at cost-effective prices across the entire health care spectrum of products. Manufactured in facilities located in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Europe. MSCS has representatives on the ground overseeing the production to delivery. All products are in compliance with the required standards and have CE or FDA Certification. 

MSCS has the ability to supply its customers to meet all their requirements.

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Protective Masks

MSCS offers a wide range of high quality medical and civilian masks with ample manufacturing capacity. Produced in China, Taiwan & The USA, our partners oversee the entire supply chain, from production to delivery, ensuring the highest quality of standards are met to the client's satisfaction. In addition, we have introduced HeiQ Viroblock Masks as a superior product utilizing cutting edge antimicrobial technology.

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Protective Gloves

Our Nitrile Examination Gloves are sourced from over four different regions in Asia including OEM MSCS branded Gloves. Through structural partnerships with manufacturing facilities, our company ensures allocation as well as favorable

pricing to our clients. Our products include FDA, FDA 510 (K), CE, ISO certification. Following an order, we can pick out the best option for our client, ensuring quality, correct material to export to a specific country, and lastly specific technical requirements.

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Protective Gowns & Clothing

MSCS's Gowns and protective Clothing sourcing capabilities stretch across the globe throughout East Asia, Turkey, and Central America allowing our customers to receive a flexible offering of Disposable and/or non-disposable Lvl 1 - 4 Gowns as well as CBRN Coveralls. Our products have FDA, CE, and IAF certifications and our partnering factories are all ISO certified. Thanks to the experience and skill of our partners in Turkey we can also produce Gowns according to our client's custom requirements.

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Test Kits 

Produced in the United States, Poland, and China, we supply SARS-Cov-2 Antibody Tests as well as SARS-Cov-2 Antigen Rapid Test Cassette. With some of the world’s highest-rated tests to date, we offer high specificity and sensitivity rates at and above 98%. The tests are fully compliant with CE Certification and are immediately available.

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In partnership with our established authorized distributor for several Ventilator manufacturers in China, we can offer a broad range of ventilators, from ICU ventilators to non-invasive ventilators. With direct access to the manufacturing facilities, we are able to provide cost-effective inventory and production allocation.

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