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June 30th, 2021

MSCS Update: June 30, 2021

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The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) Ltd., leads the way in meeting global demand for medical supplies.

The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS), proudly continues to offer superior Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Products such as Medical Masks, Disposable Gloves, Isolation Gowns, and Test Kits, while also expanding their product portfolio to meet additional pandemic needs, such as ICU Equipment.

As a trailblazer in the industry, MSCS sourcing engines continue to pave the way toward becoming a truly global network that securely meets the varying demands of their clients – whether government or institutional. MSCS has agreements with factories in Europe and Asia that produce a wide range of protective medical equipment – all of which is readily available to their clients.

Further, MSCS, a recognized innovator, has developed their own Nitrile Glove OEM brand, "MSCS Nitrile Examination Gloves." MSCS has invested significant time in locating superior manufacturers in Asia to represent the brand, and their collaborations ensure the company as well as its customers a high-quality supply of Nitrile Gloves.

MSCS, in partnership with a team of experts, now offers a full medical procurement setup by sourcing products needed to operate fully functional healthcare facilities. With its team of dedicated experts, MSCS is able to advise and control the supply and set up from start to end.


In partnership with the largest logistics company in China, Sinotrans, MSCS has been able to overcome logistical nightmares and is able to deliver products in size to any destination requested.


In addition to assisting multinational corporations and countries in their fight against the pandemic, MSCS is working with HeiQ to support individuals and organizations in developing an end-to-end near-zero virus strategy based on individual needs. This goes beyond the pandemic to create a long-term, sustainable hygiene strategy in a germophobic age. Through great products and services, the goal is to inspire confidence in businesses, their customers, and society in returning to a sense of normality.

MSCS thinks that integrating these two branches - consumer and commodity - will result in a product that is relevant to all stakeholders around the world while also being long-term sustainable. Their objective in becoming a key player in helping the world adapt to the new normal is to address both current and future medical supply needs.

MSCS continues to work carefully to ensure that their customers have reliable, efficient partners to depend on in their demand for immediate medical safety equipment and innovation as the world of medical supplies advances ever faster.

About Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) – Based in Switzerland, The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) was founded by Marco Illy, former member of the Executive Board at Credit Suisse. With a goal of pushing the boundaries of breakthrough innovation, MSCS has assisted organizations all over the world in acquiring dependable medical equipment as well as developing consumer-facing products and services for breakthrough innovations in the global medical and textile markets. The company has an unrivaled ability to rapidly and on a large-scale supply government, hospitals, healthcare institutions, and businesses with cost-effective medical supplies.

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