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Featured Products

MSCS Nitrile Examination Gloves 

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Made in Thailand, Malaysia, and China, sourced and tested by MSCS. All our Gloves conform and qualify to CE, FDA510(K) Certifications and Standards.

Global Response 

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As the world of medical supplies moves ever quicker, MSCS continues to work diligently in ensuring our customers have trustworthy, efficient partners to rely on in their search for immediate medical safety equipment and innovation.

Our sourcing engines have continued to pave the way into becoming a truly global network that securely meets the differing demands for our clients – be they Governmental or Institutional. MSCS now has agreements with factories in Europe, Asia, and Central America producing a large portfolio of protective medical equipment – all readily reserved for our clients.

In addition to being the helping hand to multinational corporations and countries in their fight against the pandemic, MSCS has formed a new consumer-facing division. As the Medical Supply world of tomorrow will be focused on superior products, utilizing cutting-edge technology to return to the closest possible normality, MSCS has laid out its strategy to prepare for the world after the pandemic. Alongside our current offerings, we have begun to develop market-ready retail products utilizing state-of-the-art technology from Switzerland and the United States.

MSCS believes in combining these two branches - Consumer and Commodity - to provide an offer relevant to all stakeholders worldwide whilst regarding long term sustainability. Addressing both contemporary and future needs for medical supplies is our mission in becoming a key player in helping the world adapt to the new normal.




Air, Touch, Surface are the three elements we endeavor to capture within our product range. Meaning that our current and future product range will equip its users to breathe with a sense of ultimate safety, touch items that surround them without concerns, and protect surfaces anywhere and at any time.


Our Ecosystem is your gateway to a portable encapsulated environment.

MSCS has partnered with HeiQ to help individuals and organisations develop an end-to-end near-zero virus strategy based on individual requirements. This takes solutions beyond the pandemic to create a sustainable long-term strategy for hygiene in a new age of germaphobia.

The aim is to inspire confidence in businesses, their customers and society as a whole in returning to a restored sense of normality through superior products and services.

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Medical Supplies

Your Medical Supply Partner

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Nitrile Gloves

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Protective Clothing


Test Kits

About MSCS

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The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS), is the symbiosis of medical procurement and consumer-facing innovation.  

Founded by Marco Illy, former member of the Executive Board at Credit Suisse, MSCS has served organizations worldwide in procuring reliable medical equipment and developing consumer-facing products & services for breakthrough innovations within the global medical and textile market.

MSCS visions to create a safe and sustainable world within the medical and consumer-facing protective industry. Our goal is to push the boundaries of breakthrough innovation and provide swiss-grade, reliable services to our client's requirements.

Through our internal capabilities and global partnerships, we can provide secure and cost-effective medical device allocations, and superior services for the consumer-facing industries including product development, marketing, brand expansion, sales, and supply chain management.

Our Partners

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Recent News


February  23, 2022

First Batch of Millions of OTC Antigen Rapid Tests delivered to the U.S

The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) Ltd., arranges the sale of iHealth’s COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests to its US client.

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June 30, 2021

MSCS leads the way in meeting global demand for medical supplies

The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS), proudly continues to offer superior Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


April 12,2021

Gold's Gym becomes the first fitness group to protect its gyms with HeiQ Ecosystem 

In cooperation with Escape Fitness, HeiQ, and MSCS, HeiQ Ecosystem will be implemented in individual Gold's Gym locations within the US.

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